Who is SeriousSmallBusiness.com?

I was recently writing to Cindy, a small business owner who is a friend on Linkedin, and I thought you would find interesting what I shared with her...

"I have owned several businesses over that last three decades, and I have a real heart for small business owners, especially when so many are having a tough time in this crazy economy. Our goal is to support and assist small business owners like you and I to become more successful. Through the SeriousSmallBusiness.com website, we offer tips and ideas, book and software reviews, and much more. My wife, Janet, has taken the position of Woman's Editor and she will be providing articles, reviews and tips of special interest to women in business. There will be a paid membership (which will help cover the costs of providing the services), but until we officially launch the site, we are giving the first year membership away for free. All one has to do is to go to the website and 'create an account' to reserve the free one year membership. The idea is to build up a membership before the launch so that people like you benefit from the resources we bring right away.

"Every day we are busy preparing for the launch, making the coming website even better. It will look professional with many features we are confident you will find useful. There is still a lot to do before we can officially launch the site, and we are getting the work done as quickly as we can. When we launch the site, the memberships will no longer be free, so tell your friends and family while the getting's good. We are commited that our site will always have a free area with useful information so that amyone can have value for themselves without having to pay anything. We know how it is when money is tight!

"That's the most I've told anyone about the upcoming website. It's going to go worldwide, so it's pretty exciting! (as a matter of fact, I think I will take a portion of what I wrote to you above and put it on the new website this weekend as part of the "About" page.)

"Take a look next week at SeriousSmallBusiness.com and see what the new site looks like. I would be interested in your opinion if you care to give it. And, of course, I would love to have you as a member if you choose to take advantage of the free one year membership offer. But, whatever you decide is fine."

SeriousSmallBusiness.com - A membership organization devoted to the education, enlightenment and inspiration of current and future small business owners (is this you?).

Jerry Hignight on Linkedin