Member Page Ugrades in Progress!

Why do I see this page?

Our member's pages are being rebuilt to a new look and feel. The month of May is the primary construction period so member pages will be unavailable for certain periods during the month. We will make the new pages available to you as soon as they are ready.

How you will benefit!

Our goal is to provide you value that far exceeds your investment in time and money! Doesn't that sound good? For example, there is a ton of information about business out there in the form of websites, PDF documents, videos, audio recordings, advertisements and offers. Most of it is unclear, unhelpful, the same thing over and over again, or just plain deceptive. It is common to spend many hours reading emails, newsletters, websites, sales pitches, etc. to only come up with one or two things that were really worth your time! I know because I do it regularly! This doesn't inform or inspire! Quite the opposite, it fosters boredom and leaves you worn down and discouraged! You don't need this frustration nor is it necessary!

Our goal at Serious Small Business Magazine is to do that tedious work for you! We will spend the hours sifting through the plethora of information out there searching out the nuggets that teach sound business principles, explain the latest business trends, and inspire you to action that makes a real difference for you in business and in life!

What will you bring me?

In addition to locating, describing and linking to great information from the best minds and hearts in the business, we will provide our own original content addressing wants and needs we see in our membership. The public pages will provide value to those who visit so that all who touch Serious Small Business Magazine will be glad they did, but we save our best, most extensive and greatest efforts for you, our members. We appreciate you and are glad for the opportunity to partner with you in business and in life.

It's worth the inconvenience!

We are sorry for the temporary suspension of member's pages, but we promise you will like where we are going! Encourage your friends to sign up now for a year's free membership because the free offer will end soon and the paid subscription program will take its place!

Thanks to a helpful member!

Thank you for joining us and a special thank you to Mickey, one of our observant members, for pointing out to us that our members' pages were off line with no explanation! That's an example of how by working together we can make the Magazine better for everyone.


- the Excited Editors at Serious Small Business Magazine