Non-Profits help many people in profound ways and are deserving of our support. But in the last few years, donations to non-profits have been dropping as money world wide gets tighter.

But there's  strength in numbers, so each month, will select and feature a non-profit that is making a difference and who is deserving of our help. A short description of the non-profit and their programs will appear on the home page along with a link to their website. Should you wish to support their efforts, a PayPal button will be available to take any size donation and send it to them (tax deductible in the United States). 1,000 caring people each giving $5 - $100 can make a Huge Difference to someone who really needs it! What a great habit to help someone a little bit every month! That's exactly what we are doing, but only with your help.

This program will be available to both members and visitors. We can't help everybody, but we CAN help somebody! Won't you join us in supporting worthy causes?