Where are you irreplaceable?

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Let's say you own a small dry cleaners or a local marine supply. You care for your customers and you earn a living doing it (even if just barely!). That is unquestionably important, even critically so. But don't lose sight of where you are truly irreplaceable.

Sure, you provide a valuable dry cleaning service, but there are other dry cleaners. And if someone needs a fine marine lubricant that you carry, they can also buy it down by the marina. But your children's options are not so great. If you are a mom or dad to a child, there is no good substitute for you! They were given only one of you, and not only do they desperately need your love, encouragement and support, their (present and future) lives depend on it!

When evaluating individual priorities in business, we rate them according to their relative urgency and importance, and that helps us make good business decisions. Your family's need for you is both urgent and important! Here are the brutal facts. If you aren't being your child's dad, they don't get one. If you delegate your mom responsibilities to someone else, even another family member, your child doesn't get a mom. If you don't show your wife love and tenderness and thoughtfulness, she gets cheated out of that in her life. And that's the best case scenario!

Your business is important. Providing financially for your family is your right and your responsibility. Just don't get so focused on one priority that you fail to see the things in life that are really important. Keep your perspective and balance work and family carefully. You are important at work, but there are places where you are truly irreplaceable.